Tangled the series eugene vs cassandra

Season 2 will have a subplot will be one with varian while rapunzel is away, maybe there will be a subplot where the king and queen are trying to get varian to cooperate so they can help him. And of course we see cassandra doing what she does best. Frustrated, rapunzel throws the painting in anger along with others that are ruined. Welcome to tangled in cassandra, a blog dedicated to tangled. Cassandra grabs the moon stone first before rapunzel does.

Unpopular opinion i love moonsandra and i want arc with her again because in series it was not enough. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. In this episode, the focus is on cassandra and eugene. Images and videos of the traitorous fallen hero cassandra from tangled. Nov 06, 2018 which show is youre favorite take this quiz to find out if you prefer tangled the series or big hero 6 the series. The forces of evil and i do hope that ultimately, tangled. I would be very happy if you leave a comment at the end telling me what you think. Frustrated, rapunzel throws the painting in anger along with. How does rapunzel cope with being the peacemaker between eugene and cassandra. She initially starts off as the tritagonist, serving as rapunzels ladyinwaiting and one of her closest friends in season 1 and season 2, but by the near end of season 2, she eventually betrays rapunzel and eugene by taking the moon stone for herself so she could fulfill her own destiny and becomes the main antagonist of the first. Last week we saw how rapunzel dealt with her first fight within her first female friendship. Frustrated, rapunzel throws the painting in anger along with others that are ruined and goes to see what has happened.

If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Tangled up in a memory, a tangled fanfic fanfiction. In the dining room, she finds eugene and cassandra arguing. She accepts the position even after all that varian has done for her to even get a temporary spot on the guard. Cassandra s evil stare to rapunzel after she snatches the moon stone from her. Eugene is the fifth episode of the disney channel animated series, tangled. A common misconception in canon is that he is a wizard.

But i feel like most people are missing correct me if im wrong a real big one. The series during its first season is an american animated television series developed by chris sonnenburg and shane prigmore, and produced by disney television animation. Take this quiz to find out which tangled the series rapunzels tangled adventure character you are the most like. Rapunzels main conflict throughout the whole series is her trying to make decisions and deal with the outcomes of those choices. Tangled the series s 1 e 5 cassandra vs eugene video. With mandy moore, zachary levi, eden espinosa, paul f. The terminator is back and ready to lead the weekend box office 31 october 2019 box office mojo. Families can talk about why rapunzel is so motivated to learn the mystery of her hair in tangled. While rapunzel is painting a beautiful picture of her castle terrace, she hears a loud noise made by cassandra. Cassandra s sinister smirk foreshadowing her true and new nature. Cassandra continues to play a huge role in moving those stories forward.

My theory is that eugene and cassandra are actually brother and sister and perhaps even twins. This article is about the character cassandra from tangled. The bonding experience does not go how she planned. He is extremely popular as a character, to a point that some people in the fandom make a distinction between varian fans, and tangled fans, due to the many people that watch the show mainly because of him being a character. It premiered on disney channel as a disney channel original movie titled tangled. Eugene fitzherbert formerly known as flynn rider, given birth name prince horace is the deuteragonist of disneys 2010 animated feature film, tangled, as well as the deuteragonist of the disney animated series, tangled. Rapunzel is tired of the constant bickering between cassandra and eugene and decides to send them off on a scavenger hunt in hopes it will be a bonding experience. Varian is a young alchemist, 1415 years old during the series. Watch tangled the series s 1 e 5 cassandra vs eugene zackary wallen on dailymotion. Cassandra and eugene have been fighting constantly, and rapunzel is so tired of. Eugene fitzherbert rapunzels tangled adventure wiki. The series cassandra and all the sass that comes with her. Set between walt disney animation studios tangled and its short film tangled ever after, this animated adventurecomedy series unfolds as rapunzel acquaints herself with her parents, her kingdom and the people of corona.

Why is it sometimes difficult to put to rest questions without answers. Tangled the series s01e05 cassandra vs eugene,season tv series hd 2017. This quiz was made before the series finale, so no worries about spoilers. Cassandra was the only character on the show that i liked due to her sarcastic nature i liked how she dealt with eugene. Rapunzel locks cassandra and eugene in the dungeon forcing them to work together to solve her riddles to escape. Anna chlumsky, julia garner to star in shonda rhimes anna delvey series at netflix. The series finale shows everyone going up against zhan tiri and cassandra, though eugene and rapunzel propose at the very end. The series is the best show youre not watching but really should be this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. The series tells are much smaller in scale than the feature film. Aug 12, 2017 the captain asks cassandra if she could guard the judge of the science expo, dr. Todays chapter focuses on cassandra, as she was the most voted character on the poll. Cassandra is rapunzels best friend and accompanied her on her adventure. This is part four of a series of chapters each focusing on a character from the show and the hidden symbolism behind everything they are and do. The series yep, still calling it by its original title will be part of the former.

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